Room Additions

Add onto Your Home with Room Additions


If you love your home but have found that you have outgrown it, room additions can be the best option. At LGC Development, we’ll show you how to keep your home by adding onto it. It can be the most cost-effective options, too, especially with real estate prices in California.


You don’t want to sell your home. The last thing you want to do is move everything out of your home and move into another home just because it is larger. You have worked hard to decorate your home as it is. Room additions will help you to add more space as needed.


Depending upon the current layout of your home and how much land you are on, we can help you expand outward or upward. It may be possible to add a second floor to your home, build onto the side of your home in order to increase square footage, and so much more. Call us today to discuss all of the possibilities.